Nara’s original strawberry ”Kotoka”

Kotoka is a new brand of strawberries from Nara that was registered as a variety in 2011.
It was in 1989 that the first seeds of what later became Kotoka were sowed in order to make a new brand of Nara-bred strawberries.
Every year about 3,000 seedlings of new variety candidates were grown, and this process was repeated by extracting only the best ones until they became Kotoka years later.
Flavor and beauty, delivered with pride
Perfect balance of sweet and tart
Kotoka has a higher sugar content averaging 12 degree to 13 degree compared to common strawberries while still keeping a pleasant tartness that accentuates the sweetness. Enjoy the rich, luscious juiciness with every bite.
Shiny, bright red jewels from the farm
The skin of the fruit is a bright ruby-red with luster and expression like jewels. Kotoka has a firm, plump texture.

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